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What have we got?

In case you were wondering what it is we have in stock here at Yarn O’clock, well here goes

Here are the first 2:




I will add the rest next week and let you know what lines we are carrying in each brand… :0

It has been a busy week but fun and I hope to see you all at some point!





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As I obviously have nothing else to do… I thought I would have a play with some Dylon Forest Green Cold Dye!

Here is what I started with ….


And this is what came out after an hour…. definitely not what I was expecting!



The cotton string tying them up came out a lovely forest green colour.  It amazed me the way different fibres take to the dyes. The flat yarn was a merino/nylon mix and I have no idea what the boucle is – came out of the stash…..