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2020 Advent Calendar

Yarn O’clock’s Advent Calendar 2020


An exciting package of 24 British 4ply wools, in a beautiful array of colours, including yarns from Cambrian Wool, Nellie & Eve, Baa Ram Ewe and Garthenor

Price : £24 with handmade willow wreath or £18 for just the yarn.

Each day you will be opening a small parcel containing 9m of a 100% British 4ply, with this yarn you can crochet &/or knit a flower to attach to the handwoven willow wreath.  These flowers will take less than half an hour to create, less time the more you do. 

So create time every day, during the busy month of December, in this very strange year, to be still and create something beautiful.

The yarns so far:

Day 1: Cambrian 4ply Gwymon

Day2: Pip Chevin

Day3: Pip Dalby

Day4: Pip Eccup

Day5: Pentland Sicily

Day6: Cambrian 4ply Hafan Blue

Day7: Pentland Trawler

Day8: Pip North Sea

Day9: Pip Bishopthorpe

Day10: Pentland Elderberry

Day11:Nellie & Eve Viola Light

Day12: Cambrian 4ply Perl

Day13: Cambrian 4ply Rhosyn

Day14: Pip Rhubarb

Day15: Pip Rose Window

Day16: Pentland Poppy

Day17: Pip Wesley Bob

Day18: Pip Bantam

Day19: Cambrian 4ply Welsh Red

Day20: Pip Viking

Day21: Cambrian 4ply Ironstone

Day22: Pip Brass Band

Day23: Cambrian 4ply Mineral

Day24: Pip Filey