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Workshops for April – July 2018

We are fortunate to have Jane Howorth, Gina Couch and Molly Brown on board to run our workshops here at Yarn O’clock.


FULL – Double Knitting

Tuesday 15th May                        7pm – 9pm                                                 £20                      

This is where a double thickness of fabric is created, both sides having a stocking stitch finish. Molly will introduce you to various ways to cast on and work the edges and cast off, giving different effects to the finished piece. Using 2 colours, you will make a sample with a pattern on both sides. You will be provided with a detailed worksheet, to help you continue the work after the workshop. This technique is suitable for making scarves, hats, pot holders, mats or anything where you want the front and back to look the same. The project for the workshop will be a coaster.

Tutor : Molly Brown


Continental Knitting

Tuesday 22nd May                        7pm – 9pm                                                 £20                                          

Do you pick or throw? In this class Jane Howorth will pass on the skill of Norwegian-style knit and purl, and we’ll also take a look at combined knitting, which uses aspects of Eastern-style knitting, combined with our more familiar, Western-style. An evening of adventure awaits!

Tutor : Jane Howorth



Wednesday 30th May                      7pm – 9pm                                                £5                                                        

Come and join us for an evening of chat, knitting, crocheting and problem solving if you have one!


FULL – Magic Loop-Toe Up Socks, 2-at-a-time

Tuesday 5th June                          7pm – 9.30pm                                          £25                          

This workshop banishes ‘second sock syndrome’ – if you have never heard of this, it is when you have completed 1 sock, but can’t face casting on the second!

It also ensures both socks are precisely the same size, as they are worked together.

Getting the toe and heel completed first also means you can then use up your yarn on the cuff, without fear you won’t have enough yarn to finish the toe.

This technique is win-win all round!

Skills Required – you need to be proficient in knit and purl stitches, and casting off.

Techniques taught in the workshop will include;

–        casting on the toe

–        shaping the toe

–        turning the heel

–        an excellent stretchy cast off

We will also cover how to size the pattern up for any size of sock.

In the workshop we will use a DK yarn to make a pair of mini sample socks on which you will practice the above techniques, but the limited time means the socks will be a sample size only. The techniques used in the workshop are the same as those required for an adult sock and can be adapted to a variety of yarn weights and sock sizes.

Full written instructions will be provided, so you will be able to repeat the techniques at home on further projects.

Tutor : Molly Brown


Mini Knitting with Beads Workshop

Thursday 7th June                    7pm – 9pm                          £20

No previous beading skills needed!

In this workshop you will learn how to bead using two different techniques;

Placing the beads onto the yarn first and beading as you go.

Placing your beads using a crochet hook (no crochet skills are needed for this.)

You will also learn how to make your own design.

And hopefully we also have a bit of giggle along the way.

Tutor: Sarah Daly


Crocheted Layered Flowers

Thursday 14th June                       7pm – 9.30pm                                          £25                              

Learn how to create a layered 3D effect and combine stitches to crochet some cute summer flowers, perfect for decoration.

Tutor : Gina Couch



Tuesday 19th June                         7pm – 9pm                                                £5                                                                

Come and join us for an evening of chat, knitting, crocheting and problem solving if you have one!


Circular Knitted Lace

Tuesday 26th June                         7pm – 9pm                                              £20 

If you have ever wanted to adorn your shoulders with beautiful knitted lace wraps and shawls, come along to this workshop to learn exactly how to do it.  Led by Jane Howorth, you will learn how to work a crochet cast on for lace, how to do the essential stitches and read charts when working in the round, how to keep track of your knitting, and how to finish with a crochet cast off (and don’t worry: you don’t need to know how to crochet to do these techniques).

Tutor : Jane Howorth


FULL – Beginner’s Crochet

Tuesday 3rd July                          7pm – 9pm                                              £20

This workshop covers the essential skills and techniques for the crochet novice: you will learn how to hold your yarn and hook, how to work the most useful stitches, how to keep your rows even and how to recognise the most common crochet symbols.

Tutor : Jane Howorth



Thursday 12th July                   7pm – 9pm                                                     £5

Come and join us for an evening of chat, knitting, crocheting and problem solving if you have one!


All workshops are held here at Yarn O’clock

 A £10 non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place, remember to book early as there are only 6 spaces on each workshop.