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Workshops with Jane Howorth

Each workshop is £20 and held here at Yarn O’clock from 7pm till 9pm, but we will be around from 6.30pm.

A non-refundable deposit of £10 must be paid at the time of booking.

 Jane Howorth is the tutor for all of these workshops – take a look at her blog and Ravelry pages to find out more about her.


Knitted Lace – Thursday 22nd June


Do you lust after lace yarn, but don’t know what to do with it? Do you sigh when you see a beautiful lace shawl, but don’t know where – or how – to start? This workshop will take you step by step through all the skills needed to enable you to be a confident lace knitter. With tutor Jane Howorth, you will learn the essential ‘rules’ of lace knitting, and she will take you through the techniques you need to get started. Jane will also demonstrate how to block your lace knitting, so that you can wear your next lace shawl with pride. 

Crochet: Beyond the Basics I – Thursday 29th June


If you are ready to go beyond double and treble crochet stitches, this is the workshop for you. Jane Howorth will help you to extend your stitch repertoire by learning more complex stitches like puff, bobble and popcorn. Each new stitch is accompanied by a pattern for a small crochet square, which you can make into a blanket.

Continental Knitting – Tuesday 4th July

Do you pick or throw? It’s claimed that picking, which is the continental-style of hooking the yarn through the stitch with your needle, is faster than our thrown ‘English’ style of looping the yarn over the needle. Continental style uses different muscles too, which can be good news for some of us. In this class Jane Howorth will pass on the skill of Norwegian-style knit and purl, and we’ll also take a look at combined knitting, which uses aspects of Eastern-style knitting, combined with our more familiar, Western-style. An evening of adventure awaits!

Crochet: Beyond the Basics II – Tuesday 11th July


This workshop, taught by designer Jane Howorth, shows you how to work increase and decrease stitches in crochet, to enable you to shape your work effectively.  You’ll also develop your crochet knowledge further by learning how to follow written patterns, how to join pieces of crochet neatly, and how to work button bands and edgings.