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Baa Ram Ewe

Baa ram Ewe’s Pip Colourwork is a handy 25g size and knits to a standard 4 ply weight, with 126 yards on the ball. Like all their yarns it has a beautiful handle: soft and squishy yet with enough grip to bind the shades together.

And the name? Pip comes from the traditional Swaledale ‘Yan Tan Thethera’ method of sheep counting: Yan (one), Tan (Two), Tether (Three), Mether (Four) and Pip- their Fifth baa ram ewe yarn! A blend of 100% British wool, spun in Yorkshire. See shades here


Fibre:  100% Wool

Weight:  25g

Length:  116m

Needle Size: 2.75 – 3.25mm

Care:  Cool Handwash