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gwlân Cambrian Wool DK

The background to Cambrian Mountains CIC goes back to 2008 when HRH The Prince of Wales set in place the Cambrian Mountains Initiative, one of 4 rural initiatives aimed at supporting and developing the upland farming economies of Mid Wales, Dartmoor, the Peak District and The North Highlands.

Their premium wool is the finest grade of Welsh Mule, the name given to the local Welsh breed when crossed with the Blue Face Leicester. It’s the Blue Face that imparts the lustre and fineness, resulting in a worsted spun yarn with a sheen and a halo suitable for attire of all kinds. It felts well too, and makes a beautiful woven fabric.

The wool comes from Llanwenog and Black Welsh Mountain sheep; the Llanwenog is from a farm in Llanwenog Parish

Fibre:  100% woolWeight:  50g
Needles:  4mmTension: 19sts x 27rws
Length:  100m/109ydsCare:  cool handwash
Price: £6.20

Please bear in mind that these photos were taken on a smartphone and may not be a true representation of their colour.