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Rowan is an internationally renowned design-led luxury handknit yarn company, producing two pattern collections a year to support their portfolio of premium yarns.

Rowan was first established in 1978 by two Yorkshire men, Stephen Sheard and Simon Cockin. Initially with offices based above a grocery store, the business soon moved to Holmfirth, where the Rowan team still work to this day.

They are an ethically conscious brand, with an emphasis on creating luxury, premium yarns sourced from organic, natural fibres.

Rowan’s ethos has always been to inspire and teach people the joy of knitting – whether  a beginner or advance knitter.  They’re also passionate about creating inspirational and desirable handknit design. Although their designs reflect the fashion trends of the time they have become classics, with designs of the past still being worn today.

Out of their range of yarns we stock :

Alpaca Classic – made using a cotton net which is filled with superfine alpaca fibers, resulting in a wonderfully soft, light weight yarn you will fall in love with.
Due to its fine weight, and intense colour palette, Alpaca Classic is ideal for fairisle patterns and a multitude of garments and accessories.


AC 1920


Fibre: 57% Alpaca, 43% Cotton

Weight: 25g

Length: 120m/131yds

Needle Size: 3.75mm

Tension: 23sts x 31rws

Care: Cool Handwash



Camello – a blend of 68% extra fine merino, 18% baby camel and 14% nylon, which was added to give strength to the chainette structure of the yarn. This lofty yarn has long yardage and is available in ten beautiful shades.



Fibre:  68% Merino, 18%Camel, 4%Nylon

Weight:  25g

Length:  175m/191yds

Needle Size:  4mm

Tension: 27sts x 41rws

Care:  Handwash


Cocoon – a wonderful soft roving British yarn, made from a blend of merino wool and kid mohair, it creates beautiful textured and cable stitches and lovely striping and pattern effects.

Cocoon1 AW 18


Fibre:  80% Wool, 20% Mohair

Weight:  100g

Length:  115m/126yds

Needle Size:  7mm

Tension: 14sts x 16rws

Care:  Cool Handwash


Cocoon2 AW 18









Cotton Cashmere – A rich blend of 85% cotton and 15% cashmere available in sixteen soft tonal shades. Cotton Cashmere, will produce a well-defined fabric giving clear definition of pattern and a beautiful finish.

Cotton Cashmere 2


Fibre:  85% Cotton, 15% Cashmere

Weight:  50g

Length:  125m/137yds

Needle Size:  4mm

Tension: 20sts x 28rws

Care:  30°C machine wash


Cotton Cashmere 1









Denim Lace – Rowan Selects yarn for Spring/Summer 2018 ‘Denim Lace’ is originally sourced from recycled denim. It is 95% cotton and 5% other fibre* and is available in 6 stunning shades. * Other fibre simply means that when you recycle a fabric there is always a very small amount of fibre that remains below the identifiable level.

Denim Lace 2


Fibre:  95% Cotton, 5% other fibres

Weight:  50g

Length:  400m/437yds

Needle Size:  2.75mm

Tension: 30sts x 47rws

Care:  Cool Handwash


Denim Revive – There is something so special about denim yarn, and Denim Revive has an added dimension, thanks to its sustainable credentials. Made from recycled cotton fibres that give Denim Revive an almost tweedy effect, the capsule colour palette of muted shades contains the classic denim shades but goes beyond the blues to include chalky white, soft red, and midnight black. A perfect choice for lace, cables, or even a traditional gansey.

Denim ReviveFibre:  95% Cotton, 5% other fibres

Weight:  50g

Length:  100m/100yds

Needle Size:  3.75mm

Tension: 22sts x 29rws

Care:  Handwash



Felted Tweed DK – a blend of merino wool, alpaca and viscose and knits to a DK weight.  The yarn has a beautiful tweed effect perfect for fairisles, striping and other colour work and the rustic colour palette makes this yarn a firm favourite with designers.

FT 19 20 2


Fibre:  50% Wool, 25% Alpaca, 25% Viscose

Weight:  50g

Length:  175m/191yds

Needle Size:  3.75mm – 4mm

Tension: 22-24sts x 30-32rws

Care:  30°C gentle machine wash


FT 19 20 1










Fine Lace – a beautiful fine lace weight yarn made with a blend of the softest baby suri alpaca and the finest merino wool. This gorgeous, luxurious yarn has soft chalky shades and is perfect for creating delicate hand knitted and crochet lace.

Fine Lace SS2020 2


Fibre:  80% Alpaca, 20% Wool

Weight:  50g

Length:  400m/437yds

Needle Size:  2mm – 4mm

Tension: 20-39sts x 33-54rws

Care:  30°C Handwash


Kid Classic – a perfect blend of lambswool and kid mohair creates a lovely soft yarn which is worked into a beautiful colour palette.

KC 1920


Fibre:  70%Wool, 22% Mohair, 8% Polyamide

Weight:  50g

Length:  140m/153yds

Needle Size:  5mm-5.5mm

Tension: 18-19sts x 23-25rws

Care:  Handwash


Kidsilk Haze – a beautiful and versatile fine yarn made from a blend of super kid mohair and silk

KSH 2020


Fibre:  70% Mohair, 30% Silk

Weight:  25g

Length:  210m/230yds

Needle Size:  3.25mm-5mm

Tension: 18-25sts x 23-34rws

Care:  30°C Handwash


Moordale – a truly British yarn, Moordale combines British wool and alpaca, with a range of neutrals and on-trend brights to choose from. The complimentary shades work beautifully together in colourwork, but shine equally when used on their own for lace, cables and texture. The fine micron wool and soft-to-the-touch alpaca give this yarn a robust but tender feel perfect for any season

MD 1920


Fibre:  70% Wool, 30% Alpaca

Weight:  100g

Length:  230m/251yds

Needle Size:  4mm

Tension: 23sts x 30rws

Care:  Hand wash


Original Denim –  a cotton yarn which behaves like denim fabric.  It shrinks on its first wash and the colour continues to slightly fade over time.  Denim is available in 3 traditional denim shades.



Fibre:  100% Cotton

Weight:  50g

Length:  92m/100yds

Needle Size:  4mm

Tension: 20sts x 28rws before washing

20sts X 32rws after washing

Care:  60°C Machine wash

Silky Lace – a gently spun lace weight yarn, Silky Lace is soft and luxurious, but its delicate nature hides a strong core. Thanks to its clever blend of the finest cotton and Mulberry silk, this yarn will wash and wear like a dream, and boasts incredible stitch definition. Choose Silky Lace for ethereal accessories and light summer garments and bring a touch of elegance to your wardrobe

Silk Lace


Fibre:  65% Cotton, 35% silk

Weight:  50g

Length:  360m/393yds

Needle Size:  2.75mm

Tension: 29sts x 42rws

Care:  Hand wash


Summerlite 4ply – made using 100% of the finest cotton resulting in a beautiful soft matt cotton, with a wonderful summer tonal colour palette.



Fibre:  100% Cotton

Weight:  50g

Length:  175m/191yds

Needle Size:  3mm

Tension: 28sts x 36rws

Care:  30°C Machine wash


Summerlite DK – made using 100% of the finest cotton resulting in a beautiful soft matt cotton, with a wonderful summer tonal colour palette.



Fibre:  100% Cotton

Weight:  50g

Length:  130m/142yds

Needle Size:  3.75mm

Tension: 22sts x 30rws

Care:  30°C Machine wash


Valley Tweed – a traditional 100% wool tweed yarn. It is spun and dyed in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, the home of Rowan. It is a very lofty yarn due to the special way it is spun and available in 10 beautiful shades.

VT 1920


Fibre:  100% wool

Weight:  50g

Length:  207m/226yds

Needle Size:  3.25mm

Tension: 24sts x 36rws

Care:  Cool Handwash