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4th Birthday!


4th birthday

So 4 years ago yesterday, I opened this little yarn shop in Mold!  I know 4 years and it wouldn’t have been possible without all the support of you out there, near and far.  The support from customers, local businesses, suppliers, friends and the rest of you, has been amazing and I want to thank you all (whilst throwing my arms in the air).  So ‘Thank You’ and here’s hoping the next 4 years (&more) are as fun.


With regards to the current situation, I will keep the shop open as long as it is sensible too, although the opening hours may reduce.  Keep an eye on the website and other social media outlets for current open hours.  If you want a delivery – local to Mold only or a kerbside pick up or a postal delivery, these are also possible.  Just let me know what you need/want.


Please support the local businesses and communities around you, if you can.


Stay safe and well, and see you after the dust has settled.


Author: Yarn O'clock

Opened a small Yarn Shop - after working for years for someone else it's my turn! Scary but very exciting.

2 thoughts on “4th Birthday!

  1. Congratulations Anne for having such a wealth of knowledge and a wonderfully inspiring shop

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